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The Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup

Be Beautiful From Dawn until Dusk

Do you wish you had more time in the mornings? Time to spend choosing your wardrobe; time to spend with the kids or simply relaxing for a few minutes before the day starts? That’s the beauty of semi-permanent makeup – it helps women to look simply wonderful the moment they wake up.

Permanent or semi-permanent make-up is the art of expertly applying subtle shades of colour to the skin, creating a beautiful yet natural effect that lasts all day long. The benefits of this makeup are apparent the first moment you look in the mirror, and the effect is going to stay with you from morning through to night day after day.

Whether you feel your cheeks need a touch of colour, or you’d like dramatic eyebrows that frame your face, I can give you a stunning look worthy of any celebrity.

Imagine that – waking up every day with your beauty regime cut in half.

The Perfect Solution for Life’s Imperfections

In the ideal world there’d be no imperfections; we would all be blessed with flawless skin, perfect makeup and stunning hair. However, we all know there are many ailments and problems that can cause us to look less than our best – resulting in embarrassment and a lack of confidence.

Or perhaps you have a skin condition that prevents you from using conventional make up products? If you suffer from allergic reactions to makeup products, then semi-permanent make-up is a brilliant alternative, and can also be used to correct, hide and improve a variety of skin problems.

The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup

There are many benefits to using semi-permanent makeup – here are just some of them:

  • More time in the mornings – it can half the time it takes to get ready each day
  • Perfect for those who suffer allergic reactions to conventional makeup.
  • Great for swimmers and athletes – no more streaky makeup.
  • Looks natural and radiant all day long.
  • Ideal for those with alopecia or other skin and hair conditions.
  • If you suffer from bad eye sight, semi-permanent makeup means the more intricate parts of your routine are taken care of. Eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrow makeup are just some of the options we offer.
  • And quite simply, semi-permanent makeup ensures you look amazing at all times!

Make people wonder what your secret is – come try out the many benefits of permanent makeup for yourself. At Beauty Enhanced, I would be delighted to tell you more and to show you just some of the beautiful enhancements I have available.

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